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We don't use government assisted programs or private institutions to teach our children (i.e. Calvert, K-12, or others) We do however, make use of the textbooks and technology that are available in the current system of the academic world. The choice of textbooks solely depends on the admissions testing and scores of the participant or students requiring tutoring. The source is vast to say the least.

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May Allah (ar-Razzaq) grant this request allahumma aameen. If you are able to assist or share please do!

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From our beloved brother Imam Abu Arba (Abdul Jalil) hafidhullah from the YSS Program...You may remember him from the back2thebasics class on Paltalk...

As Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuh
my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, I am raising fund in order to get my son a hospital bed, who had brain surgery since December last year, due to that it has affected one side of his body. He is unable to walk and needs something similar to the hospital bed so he can be able to do most of his task. Allah knows best how long he will be in bed. The bed cost about $3500, so far we raised $580 on go fund ans $500 through paypal. Your support will be appreciated.
May Allah reward you.

paypal account is:

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Islamic Studies Courses

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This includes all boys who have reached the age of 7 years old (the age of discernment).

Elementary & Middle School (5th grade - 9th grade)

for Academic and Islamic Studies 

1st Term August - December 2018

FTSOnline Academics and Islamic Studies 

Monday, August 13, 2018 from 9:00 am - 1:30 pm EDT (Monday thru Thursday; Saturday at 10 a.m.)

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What is Emaan?

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Imam Abu Aisha Abdul Jaleel (Abu Arba)

K5 Courses for the Muslimah

An online class only (1 hour to 90 min.)

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Join us every Saturday at 11 am EDT

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All participants must submit an enrollment form, Be able to take live notes, or be able to purchase required books.

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every Sunday at 11 am EDT inshaa'Allah

Join us to catch up on your reading of authentic text based upon Qur'aan wa Sunnah and the first 3 generations, and then those that followed in their paths upon righteousness

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Class: opens when the instructor arrives

Take the GED Short Course

As a student, allow three to six months for completion of this text before attempting to take the actual GED Exam in shaa'Allah

Monday - Thursday [TBA: pm - pm EST]

This Course is an evening course. Course date and time requirements will be announced when the  student registers. in shaa'Allah.

$50.00 a month per student + Books 

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Need YSS Program?

Alhamdulillah male students interested in enrollment for Islamic Studies can email for additional assistance
taught by 

Dhul-Hijjah 1439/August 2018

An Idea is Born

Alhamdulillah, since 2004 a few years after we moved to the state of Georgia Allah allowed for us to meet wonderful sisters, children, and families. All striving to be upon the sunnah and following the path of ad-dawatus-salafiyyah inshaa'Allah. We worked with the community, assisting were we could. Offering sadaqa based services, education, arts & crafts, tele-links with the students of knowledge, darus with the scholars, and referrals. It's been a great experience indeed Allahumma Barak.

Our First Volunteers

With the aid of Allah, and then many Muslim brothers and sisters, Scholars, Imams and their wives, female students of knowledge, male students of knowledge, academic educators, Quran teachers, Arabic instructors, Islamic Studies instructors, Islamic bookstores, translators, and so many more Allahumma Barak...
 THM Sadaqa Group became and remains by the mercy of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) a source of education (homeschool assistance program) for families all over the country and internationally. These volunteers offered excellent assistance, instruction, support, advice, and guidance. We thank you for your time and tremendous contributions to us and to the Ummah. 
Jazaakumullaahu Khayraa 


Volunteer Policy Statements

As a volunteer we ask that you read and sign each of these documents in shaa'Allah before submission of your request or resume, as one file. 

BarakAllahu Feekunna 

VPS - VPS 1400.1 Accepting Volunteer Positions.pdf

VPS - VPS1400.2 Sharing Information with Others.pdf

VPS - VPS14001.3 Pursuant to Georgia law.pdf

VPS - VPS14001.5 Understanding Aqeedah and Manhaj.pdf

VPS - VPS14001.6 Keeping Your Promises.pdf